100 Points Removable Latex Balloon Glue Tape


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  • Double-sided adhesive foam tape circles with adhesive on both sides.
  • Suitable for making flying balloons stick on clean ceiling, wall, or window with these glue dot, it is great for decorating birthday wedding party.
  • Can be removed with no residue: you can remove it with no residue if you don’t need it, don’t worry that it will affect the original appearance of the object you bond.
  • Multi-purpose: It is also fit to make a gift card, stick posters, stick pictures, DIY crafts, etc.
  • Usage: peel off the white protective film, put glue points on the place that you want to stick, peel off another side white protective film, and then put the balloons or picture or other things on glue points.
  • Premium Quality Dot Sheet


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