ZOEVA Pure Synthetic & Natural Complete 15 Pcs Makeup Brush Set


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  • TREAT YOURSELF: The enchanting composition of 15 luxurious, handcrafted brushes made of rose golden ferrules and matte brown handles comes stowed in an elegant dark brown brush clutch and is a statement accessory on every beauty lover’s vanity. Dressed with the finest natural and synthetic hair, the brushes are ideal for daily makeup routines as well as bold looks.
  • MAKEUP TIP: This complete makeup set is a great addition to your collection! Brushes included come in all shapes and sizes to add some extra flare and style to your makeup technique. Everything from eyeshadow brushes, to highlight and even precise contour, this set is great to make sure you have all the right tools for every makeup occasion.
  • Complete 15 Brush Set
  • Quality Hair and Handles
  • Great application
  • Travel baguide
  • High in quality


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